Here are some recordings/written files for the Olympiada.
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Cultural Knowledge
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Moscow Nights Poem

Lake Baikal for level one. Read the information here.

and listen to the recording:

Poems level 1

Телефон (read by Kirill Zakurnyaev)
Корней Чуковский
Read Telephone here.

Вакска-Клякса (read by Kirill Zakurnyaev)
Here's the print version.

Same poem, but here's the video with Michele Whaley speaking:

Зима (read by Kirill Zakurnyaev)

Чебурашка go to the written poem

Белая Берёза (read by Mrs. Mahoney)

Белая Берёза (read by Kristina Krasilnikova)

В пятнадцать лет
Цветаева (read by Kristina Krasilnikova)

Я пришёл к тебе с приветом
Фет (read by Kristina Krasilnikova)

Зимняя дорога
Пушкин (read by Kristina Krasilnikova)

Мяч -- Маршак
(read by Kirill Zakurnayev)

(read by Kirill Zakurnayev)

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