Martina's Learning Targets, posted on moretprs/yahoo groups:

  • Ruth,
> We have the same requirement, except even more intense! Every day, I have
  • to post the Unit Title, Essential Questions (can be for the unit instead of
  • the day), Standards, Learning Target (Objective), Vocabulary, and Success
  • Criteria. Two of my precious whiteboards are used for all of this
  • information.
> Here are some of the frequent fliers in my learning target column:
  • --I will answer questions that include the target structures.
  • --I will interpret a story that includes the target structures.
  • --I will read and understand a story that includes the target structures.
  • --I will learn about (cultural topic) by (watching/discussing a video,
  • learning a song, etc.)
  • --I will learn Spanish by reading a book that I choose.
  • --I will write a short story to demonstrate my writing proficiency.
  • --I will practice the target structures by re-telling yesterday's story.