54 words


Learn how to write cursive letters the way the Russians do!

Verb conjugations

Here is The Little Prince in Russian.


There are some interesting games here.

This Crossword site lets you make and do crosswords. Check for the ones under "Russian."

Learning Russian through Film
This is a great place to listen to Russian and then check your understanding.

Mini Russian Lessons

Go to the SRAS mini lessons for interesting lessons, from computer vocabulary to how to say sweet nothings.

Russian News

The Russian news channel NTV offers short video clips with text summaries for many of the stories it covers. It is a great free resource for practicing your listening, and keeping track of news in Russia.

Music from Moscow and beyond

Check out this link to get to the recent Eurovision scandals. You can't watch the videos from school, but at home they will be there.
learnrussianfree.com has a terrific 2000-word list of the most-frequently-used Russian words. You can also take quizzes!

http://www.newsweek.com/id/214585 is a page of wonderful old pictures, taken with a three-plate color camera (you will love reading about it) and the pictures of old Russia are priceless.

Olga's Blog is for advanced students to read about Russia in the language of today's Moscow youth.

wwiTV.comhas TV stations from all over the world. Click on the Russian Federation link to watch live TV in Russian.

The SRAS newsletter has a lot of great information. Once you get there, go to Study Resources (on the left sidebar), and then to the Library. It has great sites in music, computing, and translating, among others. I like Words Without Borders.

Russnet keeps an archive of interesting sites to visit. My first favorite was the Russian president's site, fairly far down the list.

Rock Group Lumen -- song "Skol'ko," about what's going on in the world--depressing, but it's worth it to read the Russian comments on this page. They love it. Lumen is a punk-rock group with the background of a traditional Russian rock group.

ToonDoo makes it possible to create your own cartoons.

\Camping on the moon\

Click on Verbs of Motionif they're starting to sink in. You c an find a list of (almost) every prefix that is possible to add to a verb.

Russian for Russians Webcasts for listening (advanced)

Www.uebersetzung.at/twister/ru.htm has a lot of famous tongue twisters. If you like them, check elsewhere too--some typos here.

The World Bank has a good page for advanced Russian students. Here's another advanced site (with audio).