Ground Zero, year 2--2009

Tentative dates
Anadyr, June 2008

June 3-June 17 (Anadyr is a day ahead of Anchorage)

American student travelers

Sydney, Donovan, Anton, Katya, Gordon, Kelly, Vladimir, Janna, Carina, Jack, Erik

Faculty members

Katie Turner (science) and Michele Whaley (Russian)
Susan Gross of Colorado: teaching English through TPRS

Project ideas

  • Eskimo dance sharing (Gordon)
  • Russian carbon footprint calculator (collaborate with and hosted on Deborah Williams' site)
  • Water measurements (collaboration with Alaska Waterways Council)
  • Collaboration with International Polar Year project (Mrs. Turner)
  • Movie embedded in Power Point

Other important issues

Visas for the Russians to be able to visit at least by 2010.

Check out this page to create an ecological footprint virtual neighborhood for yourself.
Ecological footprint

This link will show you how much water you use at home.
Water use

This link is an ecological footprint in Estonian and Russian--click on RUS to read in Russian.
Est/Rus footprint calculator

Link to the report (in Russian) of the visit by Russian and American students to the Mayor's office.

Time and weather in Chukotka

Remember that time in Chukotka is a day later but three or four hours earlier, depending on Daylight Savings Time. It's already tomorrow there, but we're further ahead in the day.

Cleaning up creeks
Jumping for joy