Anadyr Year Three meeting notes and forms

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Closed system form / March 22 /

1/25 meeting

Everyone needs passports and forms

Project ideas:

AYEA Collaboration/plastics: Zoe

Effects of climate change on daily life: Noah

Movie of all projects

Green technologies: Stephen Kranich

Water: Rebecca Jones

Spoonbilled sandpipers -- # of mating pairs decreasing: Rebecca Jones
In Anadyr: count birds, take pictures, describe behavior, measure CO2 emissions from the tundra, food base in mud areas, find out who else is doing research

Surveys on survey monkey or google forms

Letter writing about greenhouse gas taxation/Sarah Wise

Logistics: need passports now!! songs gifts
Projects: Stephen on tidal energy and greenhouse
Noah will work on physical stuff we need to take with us.
Fund raising: Carrs e-scrips Thursday 3-4 for a start

Projects, passports, forms; teams.

2/22 Parent meeting

Click here for the link to the National Park page with information, Katerina Wessels' e-mail, and pictures. Katerina is our National Parks representative for this funding, and she will be able to help us with travel issues.

Click here to see the Prezi (has the embedded video) with main meeting agenda.

Closed system visa form.
Here is the form that I'd like everyone to fill out for Anadyr. Please download it, fill it in as per instructions, save it, and send it back to me.
Please also send me a scan of the facing pages of the passport (the two that show when your passport is open to the picture).

Start typing under the #1. Don't write anything there.
2: Type the entire name exactly as it is shown on the passport.
3: Date of birth. IMPORTANT: write in this order--day/month/year NOT the American style.
4: Place of birth.
5: Nationality: type "USA" rather than American.
6: Series and number of passport.
7: Who issued the passport.
8: Date of issue (again: day/month/year).
9: Permanent address.
10: level of education (write the grade level)

March 1 meeting
Update--housing, students, timeline
Fundraising: Thursday after school
Project ideas--pH

March 15 meeting
Lizzy will compile forms. Need to get them from everyone.
Cultural notes: shoes, behavior, girls/boys.
Update on living situation: the school will host everyone.
Aviva? Rachel? Chris? Sarah? Abby? Thomas? (so far I have seven on-line forms returned from others)
Great brownies and cookies!
Meet every Tuesday!

March 22 meeting

Upcoming: next set of visas--will need scanned copies of passport
Start packing, lightly! only 50 pound limit per person, including carry-on (for charter aircraft)
AYEA connection (forgot to discuss)
Cultural issues: saying hello/goodbye
songs: ideas: Yellow Submarine, Good Day sunshine, I've had the time of my life, Black Velvet

Blog on the Russian Far East--beautiful pictures and great reading, contributed by Sarah Warnock.

March 29 meeting

We sang songs, trying to find some that we can sing well together as a group. It's tougher than it might seem.

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