Ground Zero is reaching out to collaborate with other groups. AYEA is Alaskan Youth for Environmental Activism. Here we'll post updates on their activities.

Link to AYEA's Home Page

Hi Anchorage AYEA!

Here's some more info about the 3-5-0 event you've decided to work with:

Meeting time for set up at Kincaid will be 11am, but here's the rest of the info for you to put on your posters and any other advertisements you do (Facebook, etc)

October 24
(and want to keep it, by reducing global carbon dioxide levels to 350 ppm). Grab
your skis, sleds, snowboards, kids, friends, and neighbors (skiers and non-skiers
alike) and come to the Kincaid Outdoor Center from Noon to 1:30 pm. We will gather
outdoors with skiing and sledding gear for an Anchorage "350" photo that will be
shared internationally. Photos from more than 1650 gatherings in 130 countries will
send the message to world leaders that we want strong climate legislation that
lowers the atmospheric CO2 concentration to 350 ppm, the highest safe level (see Enjoy speakers, hot drinks, music, skits, and more in the chalet
before and after the photo. Contact: 907-345-6152,

Take care,

Maeve Taylor
Program Manager
Alaska Youth for
Environmental Action (AYEA)
National Wildlife Federation
phone (907) 339-3907
fax (907) 339-3980
750 W 2nd Ave, Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99501